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June 2014

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


June 2: US Helps Solomon Islands Clear WW2 Ordnance MORE >

June 3: Center for the Elimination of Anti-personnel Landmines Opens in Belarus MORE >

June 9: Handicap International Launches Emergency Risk Awareness in Bosnia MORE >

June 10: Mine Risk Education Project Creating Awareness in Pakistan MORE >

June 11: Forest Fires Trigger Landmine Blasts in India MORE >

June 12: Battambang Pagoda's Pond Held Deadly UXO Cache MORE >

June 16: UN in Afghanistan Condemns Deadly Attack on Deminers MORE >

June 17: NCP Wants Finland to Quit Landmine Ban Treaty MORE >

June 18: One Day Awareness Workshop for Teachers in Pakistan MORE >

June 19: Boys Lose Limbs to UXO in North Darfur MORE >

June 20: Haglund Slams NCP for Populist Stance on Landmines MORE >

June 23: Multiple Nationalities Residing in Jordan MORE >

June 23: RELYANT and UT Announce Level 1 Certification Course MORE >

June 24: Maputo Hosting Three-Day Conference on Landmines MORE >

June 24: Sterling Global Operations Uses Micro Minewolf in Kurdistan MORE >

June 25: Unexploded Ordnance Found at Fort Riley MORE >

June 25: Crops Damaged by Livestock, Livestock Killed by UXO in Central Darfur MORE >

June 26: Landmines Planted by Maoists Recovered in Jharkhand MORE >

June 26: Population of Ukrainian Refugee Shelters in Russia Increases MORE >

June 27: ICRC in Chad MORE >

June 30: Israeli Scientists Develop Nano-tech Explosive Detector MORE >

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