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Brandon Schultz

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He earned a bachelor's degree and two master's degrees during his pursuit to become a school psychologist. And although Brandon says, "It took me a while to learn where I would best fit in, where my strengths and weaknesses would best play out," the timing turned out to be perfect for JMU. Steve Evans, who oversees the Alvin V. Baird Attention and Learning Disabilities Center, was looking for a doctoral intern in 2002 to help with ADHD intervention research in local schools, and Brandon was looking for an internship to fulfill requirements for his research-intensive educational doctorate program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania — he received his Ed.D. in May 2008. In fact, he fit so well that he was hired on permanently following the internship, and he now oversees the clinical efforts of the center, supervises undergraduates involved in school-based research and provides clinical services for local children and adolescents with attention and behavior disorders. "My job description is very different, very unorthodox, but it's just worked," he says.

"I always wanted my work to be a huge benefit for adolescents with attention disorders. They're at an age where their paths can easily be changed. Our research has shown that you have to be patient, be persistent. You've got to stick with them over time."

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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