October 2013

Top Innovations Disclosed in Intellectual Property Incentive Program

Congratulations to Top Innovations Disclosed in the 2012-13 Intellectual Property Incentive Program

The James Madison Innovations Board of Directors is pleased to recognize all inventors who were eligible for the Intellectual Property Disclosure Incentive Program during the period ended May 31, 2013. We are delighted to see that students are actively involved in innovations happening across all areas of the university.

Congratulations to the inventors of the Top 5 IP disclosures for this award period named below!  Award recipients will receive $2,000 per disclosure from James Madison Innovations, to be divided among the JMU inventors.



Intellectual Property

Justin Jones, Corey Anderson


** Power Heel

Donna Sundre, Herb Amato, Jason Kopp*, Kelli Samonte*

CARS, General Education

Quantitative Reasoning Test

Brian Augustine, Kevin Caran, Casey Rogers*

Chemistry, Biochemistry

Microfluidic Kits

Chris Bachman, Caleb Talbot*


** Algae Oil Extraction

Justin Jones, Corey Anderson, Donny Smith*


Shark Ladder

Michael Deaton, Jennifer Coffman Jacob Mayiani Loorimirim*

ISAT , Office of International Programs

** Culturally Anchored Games

Dominic Swayne

Col. of Education

Tablet PC Lab Mount Device

Jacquelyn Nagel, Joseph Condro*, Eric Leaman*, Jack Cochran*


** Fluid-mechanical Energy Storage

Michael Hall, Christopher Becker*, Thomas Redpath*

Psychology, Physics

** Formant Function and Source Builder

Josh Smead*

Residence Life

Residence Life App

*Student                                                                                                          ** Top 5 selected for award

The incentive disclosure program will be funded by James Madison Innovations again this year to support the disclosure of innovations created by JMU faculty, staff, and students. Details on the 2013-14 program will be coming soon. 

Selection Criteria

IP disclosure must meet three criteria to be eligible to receive the award:

  • Disclosed IP must have university IP rights per University Policy 1107 http://www.jmu.edu/JMUpolicy/1107.shtml
  • IP must be protectable (either through patent, copyright, or trademark)
  • IP disclosed must demonstrate a market need or a compelling reason that others would find the invention/created work innovative, valuable, and/or useful.

For more information, please contact Mary Lou Bourne, Executive Director, James Madison Innovations at bourneml@jmu.edu or 568-2865. 


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