JMU Welcomes New Professors

James Madison University welcomed approximately 125 new full-time and part-time faculty members for the 2013-14 school year.

The group hails from across the United States and around the world, and its members bring an impressive array of academic and professional experience to the classroom. Many cite JMU’s reputation for quality teaching, research and engagement as primary factors in their decision to come to Madison.

Not Pictured:

Academic Affairs:
Genya O'Gara, Libraries & Educational Technologies
Katherine (KT) Vaughan, Libraries & Educational Technologies
Lynn Eaton, Libraries & Educational Technologies
Brian Flota, Libraries & Educational Technologies
Desirae Sweet, Libraries & Educational Technologies
Lara Sapp, Libraries & Educational Technologies

College of Arts and Letters:
Dr. Pia Antolic-Piper, Philosophy & Religion
Andrew C. Baker, History
Andrew Barnes, Communication Studies
Dr. James B. Chouinard, Sociology & Anthropology
Dr. Stephen Craver, Justice Studies
Dr. Jennifer L. Davis, Sociology & Anthropology
Dr. Jonathan Gilbert, Justice Studies
Keith A Grant, Political Science
Jeannie Cummings Harding, History
Darci Hendrickson, Communication Studies
Dr. Meryl Irwin, Communication Studies
Jason Johnstone-Yellin, Philosophy & Religion
Dr. Spencer A. Leonard, History
James M. Marafino, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communications
Dr. Jesse Mckee, Justice Studies
Dr. Chad Morris, Justice Studies
Dr. David Nahm, Justice Studies
Samuel C. Nicholson, Philosophy & Religion
Stefanie Parker, Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Dr. Vanessa I. Rouillon, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communications
Dr. Daniel Schill, Communication Studies
Lindsay Shook, Communication Studies
Dr. Stephen Simms, Justice Studies
Dr. David A. Trouille, Sociology & Anthropology
Nicholas Webb, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communications
Brandon C. Williams, History
Kristin N Wylie, Political Science

College of Health and Behavioral Studies:
Dr. Robin D. Breeden, Social Work
Lisa Carmines, Nursing
Dr. Monica K. Erbacher, Graduate Psychology
Dr. Kethera A.J. Fogler, Graduate Psychology
Dr. Vesna Hart, Graduate Psychology
Dr. John D. Hathcoat, Graduate Psychology
Dr. Scott R. Johnson, Kinesiology
Dr. Mary A. Kiernan-Stern, Social Work
Dr. Jiyoon Lee, Psychology
Erica Lewis, Nursing
Janet Peterson, Nursing
Dr. Ayesha N. Shakoor, Social Work
Laurence Symenow, Nursing
Dr. David E. Szwedo, Psychology
Dr. Laura H. Trull, Social Work

College of Integrated Science and Engineering:
Dr. Mace L. Bentley, Integrated Science and Technology
Hannah E. C. Blair, Integrated Science and Technology
Dr. Stephen Marrin, Integrated Science and Technology
Dr. Edna F. Reid, Integrated Science and Technology
Dr. John Albert Scrivani, Integrated Science and Technology

College of Business:
Emeka Anaza, School of Hospitality and Sport Recreation Management 
Henry W. Bromley III, Master of Business Administration Program
Benjamin Cline, Finance
Joanna Dynowka
Hillary Fielden, Master of Business Administration Program
Edwin L. Good, Finance
Dinah H. Gottschalk, Accounting
Theresa L. Lind, School of Hospitality and Sport Recreation Management 
Dr. Carl J. Ullrich, Finance

College of Education:
Dr. Robin G. Crowder, Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education
Dr. Mary (Katie) S. Dredger, Early, Elementary, and Reading Education
Dr. Phillip Frana, Honors and IDLS­­ Honors Program
Robbie L. Higdon, Middle, Secondary, and Mathematics Education
Dr. Raymond Rodriguez, Exceptional Education

College of Science and Mathematics:
Yonahtan Admassu, Geology
Dr. Iona Black, Chemistry
Dr. Id Cooper, Biology
Dr. Andrew Flick, Biology
Matthew Heller, Geology
Dr. Thomas Hynd, Biology
Gregory G. Jansen, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Qingsheng Liu, Chemistry
Joseph M. Mahler, Physics and Astronomy
Dr. Bisi Velayudhan, Biology
Dr. Gary White, Physics and Astronomy and Science & Math Learning Center

College of Visual and Performing Arts: 
Joe Celentano, Art
Ryan Corriston, School of Theatre and Dance
Nicholas D. Genau, Art
Andrew (Drew) C. Hampton, School of Theatre and Dance
Ragan McManus, Art
Dina Sorensen, Art
Stephanie J. Williams, Art