January 2013

Flashpoint: School Violence

Flashpoint: School Violence

January 11, 2013

Rose Library, 3rd Floor Flex Space

3:30 – 5 p.m.



In memory of those who perished and in honor of those who survived the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, this Flashpoint aims to examine the difficulty of peacebuilding in the aftermath of school violence and to examine preventative approaches in play to deter future violent incidents in our K-12 schools as well as at colleges and universities. An array of panelists who have hands-on experiences dealing with and preventing violence in schools will explore these questions: What are the impacts of violence on our educational systems? How do we heal? And, how do we create safe schools and communities?



  • Dr. Doug Alderfer, assistant superintendent of Rockingham County Public Schools
  • Dr. Joshua Bacon, director of Judicial Affairs, JMU
  • Dr. Edward Brantmeier, assistant director of the Center for Faculty Innovation; assistant professor of Learning, Technology and Leadership Education, JMU
  • Dr. Scott Kizner, superintendent of Harrisonburg City Public Schools
  • Dr. Anne Stewart, professor of graduate psychology, JMU



  • Dr. Carol Hurney, executive director of the Center for Faculty Innovation; professor of biology, JMU


For more information visit http://www.jmu.edu/cfi/programs/flashpoint/2012-13/schoolviolence.html or contact the Center for Faculty Innovation at cfi@jmu.edu