April 14, 2007

HARRISONBURG—Yesterday the Talk to America program of Voice of America (VOA) included host Erin Brummett’s interview n the continuing crisis in Somalia with Dr. J. Peter Pham, Director of the Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs at James Madison University.

Dr. Pham reiterated his criticism of the “failing attempt by the international community to prop up a so-called Transitional Federal Government…which is viewed by many within Somalia as illegitimate” when “what Somalia really needs is the time and the space to arrive at a resolution of this ongoing state of conflict…which is acceptable to the consensus of the Somali peoples.” He also recalled that “one of the driving forces uniting people who are not historically radical behind the Islamic Courts Union…was precisely the foreign imposition of this Transitional Federal Government.” Rather, he argued, Somalis should be encouraged to undertake to resolve their situation through the use of traditional dialogue and consultative mechanisms—much as their kin Somaliland have done (also appearing in a separate interview on the same broadcast was Dr. Saad Noor, representative of the Republic of Somaliland in the United States).

Talk to America is aired Monday through Friday from 1400-1500 hours UTC over VOA’s global shortwave transmitter network, as well as via satellite, local radio stations overseas and the internet.

To listen to an audio stream of the program (Dr. Pham’s segment is located at approximately the 39-minute mark of the 50-minute-long broadcast), click here.