July 18, 2006

HARRISONBURG—In a commentary today for national security resource Family Security Matters, Dr. J. Peter Pham, Director of the Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs at James Madison University, questions the Lebanese government’s role in the current conflict in the Middle East, noting that “whle the proximate cause for the current hostilities was the attack on sovereign Israeli territory and the abduction of two Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers by Hezbollah last week, a crisis had been brewing for some time because of the Lebanese government’s refusal to live up to its obligation under United Nations Security Council 1559 to disarm the terrorist group and secure its borders with the Jewish state.”

The article goes on to argue that “Hezbollah is a part of the Lebanese government and as long as that government continues to legitimize the extremists by keeping them on board, the Lebanese government itself must bear responsibility for the consequences of the actions of the radicals.”

Dr. Pham is a contributing editor of Family Security Matters, which tries to provide national security and foreign affairs information in an accessible format in order to increase civic participation and political responsibility.

Dr. Pham’s essay, entitled “Can the Lebanese Government be Trusted?,” can be accessed by clicking here.