November 12, 2008

HARRISONBURG—Dr. J. Peter Pham, Director of the Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs at James Madison University, participated in a panel discussion about Africa sponsored by the National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP) in New York City on November 11, 2008.

Joining Dr. Pham on the panel were Ambassador Herman J. Cohen, who served as U.S. ambassador to Senegal and the Gambia under President Jimmy Carter, special assistant to the President for African affairs on the National Security Council staff under President Ronald Reagan, and U.S. assistant secretary of state for African affairs under President George H.W. Bush; and Ambassador Patrick R.D. Hayford, director of the United Nations Office of the Special Advisor on Africa and formerly high commissioner (ambassador) of Ghana to South Africa and to the United Kingdom.

The panel, which was followed by a reception at the Cosmopolitan Club on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, focused on “A New Scramble or an Opportunity? The United States, Russia, China, and Other Competing Interests in Africa.” The event was sponsored by the NCAFP, a New York-based organization founded in 1974 by the late Dr. Morgenthau and dedicated to identifying, articulating, and helping to advance the national interests of the United States from a nonpartisan perspective within the framework of political realism. Dr. Pham was elected a member of the National Committee’s Board of Advisors in January 2006.