James Madison University School of Music

School of Music Faculty Overview


Paul Ackerman (p.t.) Instructor Music Education
Pedro Aponte Associate Professor Musicology, General Education
Katherine Axtell (p.t.) Instructor General Education
Amadi Azikiwe Associate Professor Viola
Susan Barber Associate Professor Bassoon
Grace Bauson (p.t.) Instructor Harp
Stephen Bolstad Professor Director of Bands, Conducting
Patricia Brady Professor Class Piano
Jeffrey E. Bush Professor Director of JMU School of Music
Thomas Carr Recording Engineer Music Industry
Chris Carrillo Associate Professor Trumpet
Stephen Carver (p.t.) Instructor Conducting
Steve Cash (p.t.) Instructor Marching Royal Dukes Percussion
Beth Chandler Professor Flute
Karine Chapdelaine (p.t.) Instructor Jazz Bass
Anastasia Christofakis (p.t.) Instructor Clarinet
Brian Cockburn Associate Professor Music Library, Graduate Research
Andrew Connell Associate Professor Musicology/Ethnomusicology
David Cottrell Professor Music Industry
Vicki Curry Assistant Professor Music Theory, General Education
William Dabback Associate Professor Music Education
Gabriel Dobner Professor Piano
Carl Donakowski Associate Professor Cello
Charles Dotas Professor Jazz
Marlon Foster (p.t.) Instructor Percussion
Edward Gant (p.t.) Instructor Music Theory
Jonathan Gibson Associate Professor Musicology
Mikael Glago (p.t.) Instructor Music Industry
Eric Guinivan Assistant Professor Composition
Robert Hallahan Assistant Professor Jazz
Jason Haney Professor Music Theory
W. Bryce Hayes Assistant Professor Choral Conducting/Music Education
Paul Heitsch (p.t.) Instructor Music Industry
Michael Herrick (p.t.) Instructor Piano Technology
Aaron Hill (p.t.) Instructor Oboe
Lucy Hoyt (p.t.) Instructor Voice
Wanchi Huang Professor Violin
Brett Kirby (p.t.) Instructor Jazz, Music Education
Michele Kirkdorffer Associate Professor Oboe
Andrew Lankford Associate Professor Trombone
Adam Larrabee (p.t.) Instructor Guitar
John Little Professor Voice
Dorothy Maddison Associate Professor Voice
Lisa Maynard Assistant Professor Music Education
Robert McCashin Professor Director of Orchestras, Conducting
Kevin McMillan Associate Professor Voice
Janice L. Minor Associate Professor Clarinet
Dina Nesterenko (p.t.) Instructor Violin
David Newman (p.t.) Instructor Voice
Kathleen Overfield-Zook (p.t.) Instructor Music Theory
Michael Overman (p.t.) Instructor Percussion
John Peterson Instructor Music Theory
Lori Piitz Associate Professor Piano
David Pope Professor Saxophone
William Posey Instructor Bands
Briana Priester (p.t.) Instructor Music Education
J. Michael Priester (p.t.) Instructor String Bass
Chad Reep (p.t.) Instructor Athletic Bands
C. William Rice Professor Percussion
Don Rierson Associate Professor Opera
Scott Rikkers Instructor Assistant Director of Bands
Gary Ritcher Professor Music Education
Eric Ruple Professor Piano
Perry Shank (p.t.) Instructor Music Education
Scott Zane Smith (p.t.) Instructor Voice, Music Theory
Mary Jean Speare Associate Professor Musicology, Graduate Director
Kevin Stees Professor Tuba
Paulo Steinberg Associate Professor Piano
Carrie Stevens Professor Voice
Keith Stevens (p.t.) Instructor Guitar
David Stringham Assistant Professor Music Education
Joseph Taylor Associate Professor Music Industry
Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy Assistant Professor Director of Choral Activities
Music Education
Steven Voigt (p.t.) Instructor Music Theory
Peter Wilson (p.t.) Instructor Violin
Candace Wilson Bush (p.t.) Instructor Piano
Brenda Witmer (p.t.) Instructor Voice
Ian Zook Assistant Professor Horn

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Faculty Ensembles

MADISON BRASS Brass Quintet in Residence
MONTPELIER WIND QUINTET Woodwind Quintet in Residence
MONTICELLO QUARTET String Quartet in Residence