James Madison University School of Music

About Us

The James Madison University School of Music is proud of its long tradition of choral music excellence, making it is a perfect choice for anyone interested in choral music! There are three auditioned choirs and three non-auditioned choirs on the JMU campus, all of which are open to university students. The Madison Singers, the JMU Chorale, and the Treble Chamber Choir are our three campus auditioned choirs, while the University Men's Chorus and University Women's Chorus (and these ensemble combine to create the University Chorus) are open to all who wish to sing without auditioning.

We would love to welcome your participation in a JMU choral ensemble!
Please contact Dr. V (vanderjx@jmu.edu) for more information.


Supporting the JMU Choral Area

"It Takes a Whole Village" to develop
a thriving collegiate choral program!

If you would like to be a contributor to the on-going
development, outreach, and musical work of the
JMU Choral Area,
we would welcome your support!

Please visit the JMU Foundation website:
to learn more about how your tax deductable donations
can contribute to the JMU Choral Area.