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 clarinet section



The Clarinet section is comprised of 68 of JMU’s truest fans. While they may not necessarily be heard all the time, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear them make an appearance from time to time. “Clarinets, the band doesn’t sound half as good without you,” a quote from Mr. Scott Rikkers himself is an example of some things that resonate within the section. The Clarinets ensure that they have fun, dance, and put on a great performance every show. They recently joined in on a friendly rivalry with the MRD Colorguard by competing in “Dunk Off,” an Oreos and milk challenge.




2013 Section Leadership


Jennifer Hess, Section Leader

Anthony Poehailos, Section Leader

Austin Shoop, Section Leader



Kellie Burdick, Drill Instructor

Danielle Drumheller, Drill Instructor

Shannon Light, Drill Instructor

Brandi St. John, Drill Instructor



2012 Clarinets



Rachel Allen

Hillary Benedict

Ethan Best

Kelly Callahan

Kelly Curci

Angela Dimas

Danielle Drumheller

Claire Elverum

Faith Fenyk

Megan Fletcher

Heather Gardner

Corinne Gumann

Katie Hardy

Jennifer Hess

Grace Jablonski

Anna Johnson

Leslie Johnson

Max Kosanovich

Kathleen Krist

Eric Kuldell

Shannon Light

Rebecca MacIntosh

Raeann McCarty

Bryn McIntyre

Megan Moore

Mandi Morris

Emily Oliver

Kelly Overstreet

Tori Pitts

Olivia Planas

Jacob Rhodes

Austin Shoop

Alec Snider

Brandi St John

Kelsey Stoneham

Chris Tadie

Chelsea Taylor

Brieanna Terppe

Andrew Wilson

Miranda Woodson









CLICK HERE for the MRD Clarinet Facebook group.