Greetings MRDs!

All members of the 2013 Marching Royal Dukes and your guests are invited to attend the 2013 MRD Band Banquet!  We look forward to celelbrating our exciting and memorable season together at this annual tradition. 

This is a semi-formal event that will include dinner, awards, recognitions, speeches from our student leaders, and the presentation of the "Season In Review" video. 

PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR ONLINE RESERVATION FORM BELOW - all individuals attendning must complete a separate form, even if you plan to bring a guest.  


We look forward to seeing everybody on the 17th!









DATE:  FRIDAY, January 17


LOCATION:  JMU Festival Student & Conference Center (East Campus) Grand Ballroom


DRESS: Semi-formal.  Gentlemen are encouraged to wear a suit/coat and tie, women are encouraged to wear skirts/dresses.


DOORS OPEN:  5:30pm




Because we will not be swiping cards this year (check-in will be MUCH faster), we are going to offer charging student accounts for a portion of the event cost.  You can elect (on the online form) to have your student account charged, or to pay (cash/check) at the door.  Please bring EXACT CHANGE ($20) with you.






If you ahve pictures and/or video from the 2013 season that you would like to share, and contribute to our annual Season in Review video, please shere those one of these ways . . .


1. Bring a CD/DVD with the files to the Band Office - you can deliver to Connie's desk, or simply place in the mail slot in the office door.  


2. Bring a Flashdrive with the files to the Band Office - please label with your name so it can be returned.  You can deliver to Connie's desk, or simply place in the mail slot in the band office door.  


3.  SHARE your files with Mr. Rikkers via Dropbox. 


We are always looking for candid shots, pictuers from rehearsal, and pictures from the section "offs" to help us create the most enjoyable Season in Review video presentation. 






Each year, we ask the members of the Marching Royal Dukes to nominate a SENIOR who they believe has exemplified the best in service and dedication to our program during their time at JMU.  This award has been established in honor of Mr. Bill Posey, and his dedication to our program.  


Please consider nominating a member of your section or any SENIOR (4-year) member of our program who you believe is deserving of this recognition.  Determined by your responses, an individiual will be selected, and recognized during the banquet program. 



1. E-mail the nomination information to Mr. Rikkers (rikkersd@jmu.edu)


2. E-mail subject should read:  Bill Posey Service Award Nomination


3. Please include the following information:


- Name of Nominee

- Section of Nominee

- Brief justification of WHY you believe he/she is deserving of this award - in what ways have you observed him/her contributing to our program through service. 


THANK YOU for considering this, and taking time to recognize your peers for their contributions.