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Mark Adamchak's the one …

who landed a job with KPMG thanks to his internship, JMU's accounting program and his own drive to be the best

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Springfield, Va.

High School: West Springfield High School


JMU Highlights

Interned with KPMG during the summer of his junior year; graduated in May 2002 cum laude; member of Beta Gamma Sigma national business honor society; experienced some completely cool cultural stuff during the internship that ended with a KPMG-sponsored week at a Disney resort in Florida that Mark calls "totally off the hook"

What was your accounting internship at KPMG like?

You work hard. They expected me to get whatever project I started on finished by the end of the day. Hey, they're in there 12 to 15 hours a day sometimes, and they're depending on me to get my work done because they're using my work papers after I leave. So there were definitely some high demands.

Sounds like good experience.

I had a lot of good clients. Even though I wasn't trained in any audit classes [yet] - all I had really gone through were a few accounting classes - I got to do actual test work. It wasn't anything too difficult, but it was amazing experience. I would actually go interview the client, which gave me some really good interpersonal skills practice.

What was the hardest part?

It was nerve-wracking as heck for me at first! I felt like I was this pest to a lot of people. We're doing work that needs to be done and ultimately helps out whoever you're working for, but a lot of times nobody likes you when you're doing it, asking tough questions. The really good clients don't look at you that way, but either way it's amazing experience.

Did being from JMU help you get your internship?

Accounting majors just have a lot of opportunities because we're at JMU. Employers know that our program produces a bunch of quality kids.

Do you think this place helped you grow up?

The level of maturity that I've experienced over these past four years has been amazing. I never really expected myself to be as ambitious as I am, and especially the internship has had a lot to do with that. When you're out there, you realize that the only way you're going to move up is by being your best - the smartest, most personable, whatever. And so you come back here and you really start to suck up all the information from classes. You realize that if you really know the stuff, it's just going to make you that much more marketable.

Did your training here help with that?

You do realize that the program at JMU had a lot to do with helping you start to gain that maturity. I don't think it was something that just happened one night over the summer, like me saying, "Wow, I really need to step it up here." JMU definitely prepared me well.

How did you do with the internship?

I got an offer. I'm starting at KPMG full time in late August.

- Bill Gentry