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 Montpelier Magazine

We want to let traveling Dukes everywhere know how to find you.


We'd like to dispatch two Dukes to travel the country and frequent only establishments owned or operated by JMU folks. Is that possible? We don't know either, but we'd sure like to find out.


The first step is to find out more about you and your interests.


If you're a current or retired JMU professor or staff member, JMU parent, alumnus or donor in the hospitality and tourism field, we want to hear from you. If you own or operate a B&B, motel, restaurant or other resort establishment - or if you wow guests as the chef, golf pro or maitre d' - please complete Monty's Dukes Passport Web Survey.


What we can make of this idea will depend upon the response we get from those of you in the hospitality and tourism field. A Monpelier story?  A Web listing? JMU Reality Travel? A Dukes MapQuest? JMU networking? Discounts? A challenge to JMU travelers? Prizes? Memberships?


The opportunities are vast, but they depend upon your response. If you're interested, please share a little information now and we'll get back in touch with you later. There are no obligations at this stage.


In the meantime, we'll share the information with Montpelier, Monty (the online magazine), the JMU Web office, the JMU Hospitality and Tourism Management Program and the JMU Alumni Association.