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Marble Swamp's music man

Founder and musician Jon Solomonson ('86) gets new compositions onto mid-Atlantic music stands

Marble Swamp Music founder Jon Solomonson ('86) says that his interest in music started very early. "I started playing music in the fifth grade in the school band," says the composer, percussionist and guitarist. "Throughout my school years I was lucky to have teachers who helped me enjoy creating and learning about music and who urged me to continue on the path into college."       

The enterprising music education major says that he established Marble Swamp Music "to get his own compositions in print and readied for distribution." Still a young business, MSM prints and distributes music from a handful of composers.

"I'd like to get a national advertising campaign going in the near future," says Solomonson. "Our scope is still relatively small at this point, but our catalog of selections is constantly growing. I'd like the catalog to be a bit larger before advertising."

Based in Orlando, Fla., MSM compositions have been ordered and performed by schools and bands throughout the mid-Atlantic region, including Virginia and Maryland. From February 2001 to January 2002, Solomonson took a second gig playing and touring with the former Michael J. Band. "The band's run came to a close after I had logged 100-plus shows and a few thousand miles with the group," says an upbeat Solomonson. "It was a busy time."

Solomonson's musical stylings include everything from heavy metal, Christian, Irish folk tunes, country and show tunes. "From the east to west coast, I've played in coffee houses, arenas, theaters and in farm yards," he says. "My career has really run the gamut, and I've been very fortunate."

With no hints at a Michael J. Band reunion tour, Solomonson says he enjoys having the time to focus on building Marble Swamp Music's catalog of composers and original works. The Marble Swamp music man lives in Orlando with his wife, Frances, whom he married in May 2002.

Janelle DiOrio ('03)