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Distinguished Service Award winners for 2005: Thomas C. DeVore, Barbara Stern, Daniel G. Gallagher and Mary B. Kimsey-Tacy.

2005 Distinguished Service Awards presented at James Madison Day 2005

Story by Nicole Maier (’05)

Four professors from the College of Education, College of Business, College of Integrated Science and Technology, and College of Science and Mathematics were recognized for exceptional professionally related service at the university, local and national levels during James Madison Day activities in March 2005.

Thomas C. DeVore

Already a recipient of the LaRose Fellowship and a Madison Scholar, Thomas C. DeVore, Professor of Chemistry, has now earned the Distinguished Service award for his college. “There are several people in the College of Science and Mathematics who have had long careers devoted to serving this university, so it was an honor to just be nominated,” says DeVore.  “I really did not expect to win.”

Inside the JMU community, DeVore has served on a number of committees such as the Gen Ed council as well as being advisor to various student organizations, most recently AXE, the professional chemistry fraternity. Since 1992, he has been the director of the Shenandoah Valley Regional Science Fair and since 1993 the Virginia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Outside JMU, he has served for the past twenty years on the Virginia Section ACS Executive Committee and has been active with the Virginia Academy of Sciences.

In 1977, DeVore joined the university faculty with confidence. “JMU was an exciting place to be in the late 70’s,” says DeVore. “There had just been a period of rapid growth and there was a great deal of optimism and enthusiasm about the future.  It was clear it was going to be a great place to work.” Here he found that both students and faculty, “were friendly and got non-competitive and seemed to like each other.  I appreciated this atmosphere.” Since then, he has continued to be pleased by the students and faculty that he works with daily.

Daniel G. Gallagher

Daniel G. Gallagher, Professor of Management in the College of Business, earned his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois in Labor and Industrial Relations. While working his first job at the University of Iowa, a radio show sparked his interest in coming to JMU. “One very cold March night in Iowa City, Iowa I was listening to the Prairie Home Companion, and I heard Robin and Linda Williams telling Garrison Kellior how the flowers where coming into bloom in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley,” says Gallagher. “Sounded like a good place to be.”

For 17 years Gallagher has been part of the JMU faculty. He has received a number of awards for his research and teaching and holds the CSX Professorship in Management. Gallagher is a member of editorial boards for four distinguished research journals in addition to reviewing other journals from throughout the globe. He helps determine manuscripts’ suitability for publication and coaches authors on how to make improvements to their work. “It takes a great deal of time, it is important to the academic profession, but it is often overlooked in how faculty are evaluated,” says Gallagher. “So the Award was especially nice to have received.”

Gallagher is most pleased by the College of Business’s openness to change. “When people have some good suggestions for course or program changes, it is most often the case that progress can be made.”

Barbara S. Stern

Barbara S. Stern, professor of secondary education, works as a reviewer and editor a number of scholarly journals including most recently the Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue by the American Association of Teaching and Curriculum.

In 1988, Stern earned the American History Teacher of the Year award, in Seminole County, Fla. She was also named Seminole County Council of the Social Studies 1991 Teacher of the Year. In 2002, she earned the Social Studies Fellow Award from The National Technology Leadership Initiative and published “Social Studies: Standards, Meanings and Understanding,” in New York: Eye on Education.

“This is a good place to work in terms of collegiality,” says Stern, who is in her seventh year at Madison. “People are friendly and are working towards a common goal.’

Mary B. Kimsey-Tacy

In recognition for her exemplary professionally related service within and beyond the university community, Dr. Mary B. Kimsey-Tacy is the 2005 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award presented by the College of Integrated Science and Technology. In 1990, Kimsey-Tacy was offered positions at JMU and a university in North Carolina. “In terms of physical environments, I had to decide between the beach and the mountains.  I love both so chose JMU because of its reputation,” says Kimsey-Tacy. “This is my fourteenth year which I figure is about half-way through my career here.  I have never regretted my decision.”

While at JMU, Kimsey-Tacy has worked to bring global courses to students in all majors and is now in her third year as director of CISAT’s International program. For the past fourteen years she has volunteered with organizations that work with refugees and other migrants in the Shenandoah Valley and has successfully encouraged many of her students to become involved in similar service activities.

“I have tried to instill a service ethic in my students because I learned it while an undergraduate student at the University of Cincinnati,” says Kimsey-Tacy. “Teaching English to immigrants and working with a university environmental organization were some of the service activities of my undergraduate days that greatly influenced my career choices.”