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Montpelier Winter 1999
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  • Home Sweet Home
    A "great room" with a Bluestone fireplace and Madison memorabilia display is the focal point of JMU's Alumni Center, to be built on the east side of Interstate 81. Alumni are taking a leadership role in supporting the Alumni Center Program Fund.

  • In Country Heroics
    Don Price trailblazes a new graduate program while satisfying his humanitarian longings and attacking a worldwide tragedy. This trilingual pioneer studies the health and environmental implications of clearing landmines from Vietnam's war-torn DMZ. On his last trip, he even rescued two children injured by an M-79 grenade.

  • Epic Proportions
    The Pushkin Medal that Elizabeth Neatrour received from Russia might look tiny, but it symbolizes a sweeping career that only epic authors Pasternak and Dostoevksy could hope to chronicle. Neatrour has devoted 40 years to Russiun studies.

  • Stereotypically Stuck
    Generation X'ers are selfish. Senior citizens just take up space. And neither generation will budge form those stereotypes. Not so, says Aging and Family Studies Head Cecil Bradfield, and he's proven it. His Intergenerational Internet Project has traditional students and older students learning about one another and sharing perspectives on the world they share.

  • Pure Glee
    The mother of JMU's choral groups, the Glee Club stretches back to 1909. In its heydey under Edna Trout Shaeffer, members serenaded audiences throughout Virginia and the East Coast.

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