Winter 1998

The Writer's Block

Books By JMU Faculty

From Watergate to Whitewater: The Public Integrity War
Praeger, 1998
ISBN 0-275-95598-4
By Robert N. Roberts and Marion T. Doss Jr.

Jointly and individually, the two JMU political science and law professors are the authors of numerous journal articles on political and public service ethics, law enforcement, and criminal justice.

From Watergate to Whitewater examines the current "public integrity war;" that is, the increasing trend in American politics by which opponents - conservative and progressive alike - tar one another with claims of impropriety and misconduct to indirectly thwart an opponent's political agenda and governing mission. The result, argue Roberts and Doss, is a growth in public cynicism and the inability of voters, who are increasingly apathetic, to distinguish between political villains, who are unethical, and victims unjustly accused of misconduct.

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