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Winter 2000
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  • Cell Phone Phenoms

    Steve Leeolou ('78) once hit the road in a 1979 Subaru station wagon to drum up investors for his plunge into the fledgling cellular phone industry. After riding the entrepreneurial ups and downs, today Steve and Dee Dee ('78) feel like a million -- and share their success with JMU.

  • Take it from George Bailey

    Clarence the wingless angel from "It's a Wonderful Life" taught George how the actions of one person can so significantly affect the lives of others. According to President Linwood H. Rose, it's a valuable lesson for the JMU community too.

  • An American Hero

    James Madison does more than any other founding father to ensure the future of the United States and leaves a legacy no American can surpass. (The first installment of a five-part series by James Madison Center Director Devin Bent.)

  • Breaking Away

    Harlem? Ghana? New Orleans? Tennessee? Not your typical spring break destinations. Instead of heading for sun, sand and surf, more and more JMU students are dedicating their vacations to improving the lives of others.

  • Inside Scoop

    Each spring, political science students go inside the beltway to spend a Semester in Washington, living together in D.C. and working with political powerbrokers and government agencies.

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