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Spirit Stories - Alumni carry their JMU spirit into all of their endeavors: golf, geology, fashion design, punk rock, film, and more.
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Summer 2002

Ties that Bond
President Linwood H. Rose notes that the growth of JMU facilities has been due in large part to statewide bond referenda. There's another one on the ballot in November, with funds earmarked for JMU, some of which are aimed for  Restaging the Arts.

A Moving Journey
The immigrant experience becomes art as JMU dancers take the stage in a performance made precedent-setting by, ironically, the funding grant's fine print.

The Cost of Money
Sweet success: Is it the quest to build something unique, reach the top rung of the career ladder, or achieve financial freedom? Montpelier asks some top-rung JMU entrepreneurs what drives them.

What's the Meaning of Disaster?
Having picked up the pieces of tornado and flood devastation for two decades, psychology professor Lennie Echterling extends his disaster counseling expertise to Sept. 11. A month before the anniversary of this national trauma, he helps ease the journey from victim to survivor.

JMU's Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Since the mid-1970s when he made the first gift of an endowed athletics scholarship, outgoing JMU rector and one-time traveling lettuce salesman Zane Showker ('79) has come to personify JMU's business programs and has made yet another gift to athletics.

What's the Big Idea?
Marking 25 years of "university" prestige, JMU players and principals reflect on the July 1, 1977, name change and what led up to it. Alumni remember too. They share their perspectives in the accompanying Bluestone Journal.

Alternative Rock
The head of JMU's ever-growing Mineral Museum and a contributor to the first-ever International Encyclopedia of Mineralogy, Lance Kearns is always ready to talk minerals.

These and Other Mysteries
Who won $6.5 million? What's floating on air? Click here for the answer to these questions and more.

She Got Game: JMU Sports Hall of Famer Leotus Morrison taught more than field hockey skills, according to her former student, admirer and column author Donna Farmer Butler ('71).

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