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Summer 2001 Issue

Greetings from the President
JMU is aggressively moving into the 21st century and aspiring to provide a new level of excellence when the university celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2008.

One-Woman Show
Armed with the world's first doctorate in assessment and measurement, Robin Anderson is ready to answer the growing demand for accountability from consumers, taxpayers, legislators, boards - anybody who supplies funding in exchange for goods and services and who wants to know what they're getting for their money.

Madison Globetrotter
Judy Moon ('77) has focused her wanderlust and fluency in three languages into a career as a U.S. Foreign Service officer. Her travels have taken her to some of the world's hot spots - like Indonesia, Kazakhstan and, next, South Africa - expanding her horizons as well as her family and satisfying her thirst for adventure.

Taking the Pulse of Patient Care
In this day of managed health care, hospital stays are short and getting shorter and patients are sent home more acutely ill than ever before. JMU's nursing students are preparing to become case managers, the medical personnel who will make sure patients get the care they need.

What Generation Gap?
Nine Saturdays each semester, health and human services students pair up with adults from the local community in an outreach program that provides students with hands-on social work experience, educates them about the process of aging, reduces age stereotypes and allows them to apply health and well-being theory.

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