Summer 2000
Summer 2000

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Give Peace a Chance
As deadlines loom for Palestinian and Israeli peace negotiations, Yasser Arafat adviser and envoy Nabil Abuznaid ('79) heralds the political acceptance of his people and the historic opportunity to make peace, not war, in the Middle East.

Long known for his mastery of almost Escherlike photomontages, art professor James Crable takes first prize at a Smithsonian exhibition for his Subway: Times Square, New York, New York.

So, You Wanna Be in Pictures
The Alumni Board of Directors selected six enthusiastic and adorable Madison Mugs as the top winners of the Future Dukes Photo Contest. (Find the other contestants on the webzine.)

A New World View
Through her integrated science and technology major, Meghan Bauer ('00) creates the prototype for a Digital Earth center. Through the center decades' worth of satellite imagery can be accessed by the public to track pollution, land use, population, wildlife migration, traffic flow and almost anything else a world view has to offer.

English Air
The adventures continue for author Geoffrey Morley-Mower, who regarded his flying days - "the intoxicating and dangerous freedom to move through the blue air" - during World War II with the same sense of romanticism he breathes into his teaching of English literature.

The Constitution Years
James Madison rescues the young republic as its 13 independent states flaunt their autonomy not only from Britain but also from each other.

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