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Montpelier - Spring 1999
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  • The Right Chemistry
    Chemistry professor Gina MacDonald receives the White House's Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. The national award recognizes her research in DNA repair and recombination and the involvement of undergraduates and high school science teachers in her research.

  • Walk the Walk
    Whether he's visiting nursing homes, working with the homeless or cleaning an outhouse, sociology professor Cecil Bradfield has always taught by example. By rolling up his own sleeves, "Dr. B." pushes his lessons and his students beyond theoretical notions of social issues into the world of real people caught up in real life.

  • Geology Rocks
    From encounters with alligators to the use of advanced technology, geology graduates have landed jobs that are as exciting as they are diverse. Alumni are exploring for oil, preserving wetlands, starting their own companies, developing innovative technology and working with valuable gems.

  • The Thin Blue (On)Line
    Senior Chris Cosgriff's cyber memorial to fallen police officers has gained international renown and become a valuable clearinghouse for the U.S. law enforcement community.

  • Riding the Rails
    As a day student in the 1920s, Ruth Farar Keezel enjoyed some advantages over her campus-bound classmates. The former church organist recalls shuttling to and fro by train and hopping off for ice cream with her sister, Mae.

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