Spring 1998

The Writer's Block
Books by JMU Professors

The Night Path
BOA Editions, 1997
ISBN 1-880238-48-9 (Cloth)
ISBN 1-880238-49-7 (Paper)
By Laurie Kutchins

Laurie Kutchins, assistant professor of English at JMU and author of The Night Path, was awarded the Isabella Gardner Poetry Award for 1997. Another book of her poetry, Between Towns, was published in 1993. Her poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Ploughshares and Poetry.

The poems in The Night Path lead into the nocturnal terrain of the psyche, where Kutchins seeks illumination. Her poems explore motherhood and the myths of mother as a key archetype. In poems that deal with pregnancy, birth, mothering and the complex nature of the mother-infant bond, Kutchins draws on Carl Jung's insight that the unconscious is a source of knowledge that is neither linear nor logical, but, primarily, imagistic. Her poems are both sober and playful and range from lyric to narrative and dramatic monologue.

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