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Now Online - Spring 2002

A Silver Lining
By moderately raising tuition, JMU should be able to accommodate a reduction in state funds without having to curtail programs.

James Madison Day 2002
Former Secretary of State Lawrence S. Eagleburger headlines JMU's celebration of James Madison Day, which also features a visit by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and interpretations of the Second Amendment.

Shakespeare on Stage
The Blackfriars Theatre opens to international acclaim. It's also one more stage in English professor Ralph Cohen's lifelong mission to cure "Shakesfear."

Great Rebound, Great Assist
Fast breaks and rebounds came easy for Madison cager Steve Stielper in the late '70s, but they don't compare to his latest rebound, nor the great assist from JMU's Adult Degree Program.

The Very Fabric of Art
Erma Martin Yost ('69, '75M) takes quilting traditions into the New York art world, where she has created a new genre.

Beaming in Afghanistan
Brian Conniff's not gloating, but since Sept. 11, his IBB transmitters are working at maximum power.

C-SPAN Gets Real Madison Style
For alumni at C-SPAN, reality TV is the same as it has always been: America in action.

David and His Bag of Tricks
Juggling his career as an artist.

A Duke Goes Down Under
Biology major studies Australia's coral reef, rain forest and outback.

Securing Capitol Hill
Two information security grads hold the keys to the legislative branch of government.

Can you spot this issue's Professor You Love? From 1961 to 1997, he taught JMU undergrads more than just political science. His coolness rocks on.

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