Fall 1997

Alumni News

Dan Lynch Joins Alumni Board of Directors

Dan Lynch ('84)

Dan Lynch ('84) of Richmond became the newest member of the JMU Alumni Association Board of Directors, the board announced at its meeting in June.

During his JMU days, Lynch was a marketing graduate, Honor Council member, resident adviser and Sigma Phi Epsilon member. He graduated from T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond, served as law clerk with the Virginia Supreme Court and eventually became a partner with Williams, Butler and Pierce.

Today, Lynch and his wife, Alice, live in Richmond, where he is a principal in his own law practice, Williams and Lynch. He is a member of the JMU Alumni Chapter of Richmond's Scholarship Committee. Lynch is also a member of the T.C. Williams Young Graduates Council, active in several professional organizations and volunteers his time to local nonprofit organizations.

As the newest board member, he joins:

Geoff Polglase ('85)
Executive Director
Director, JMU Office of Alumni Relations

Hugh J. Lantz ('73)
Senior Vice President,
Wheat First Butcher Singer

Elizabeth W. Richards ('85)
Immediate Past President
Director of Compensation,
Overnite Transportation
Richmond, Va.

Patrick Julius ('87)
Vice President/President Elect
Marketing Development Manager, Comtex
Arlington, Va.

Scott M. Biddle ('88)
Sales Manager, Philadelphia Gear Corp.
Malvern, Pa.

Jean P. Copeland ('58)
President, The Copeland Schools Inc.
Chesterfield, Va.

John C. Hagan ('85)
Director of Management Consulting
Services, Hoffman, Morrison & Fitzgerald
Clifton, Va.

Brett Haynes ('88)
Associate Broker, Adams-Nelson & Associates
Middletown, Va.

Conrad A. Helsley ('72)
Board of Visitors
Strasburg, Va.

James R. Katzman ('89)
Manager Consumer Services, Bell Atlantic
Fairfax, Va.

H. Milton Kline III ('75)
Painter, Mary Washington College
King George, Va.

Catherine Byford Lilly ('81)
Lansdale, Pa.

Susan McGhee ('80)
Director of Audit, Crown Vantage
Mechanicsville, Va.

Jeffrey M. Smith ('90)
Site Manager, Capital One Financial
Mechanicsville, Va.

Arnella Terrell ('82)
Manager Consumer Services, Bell Atlantic
Alexandria, Va.

Carolyn Copley Wake ('52)
Richmond, Va.

Brock Leonard ('98)
Student Member
Reston, Va.

Mary Spitzer Etter ('34)
Retired Educator
Harrisonburg, Va.

Inez Graybeal Roop ('35)
Richmond, Va.

Ex Libris
Books by JMU Alumni

A Taste for Love: Romantic Meals for Two
1996 Random House
ISBN 0-517-14792-0

Mary McGowan ('75), an actress living in Alexandria. She has appeared in theater productions in the Washington, D.C. area, major films and NBC's top-rated Homicide series.

A Taste for Love provides recipes that help set the stage for romance. McGowan, who trained at the L'Academie de Cuisine, has recipes for "Breakfast in Bed," "Perfect Picnics" and "By the Fire" among other romantic settings. And each recipe is portioned to serve just two - to discourage third parties. Many of the recipes are drawn from McGowan's own romantic experiences - like the recipe for the creamed spinach that her husband made for her on the night he proposed.

McGowan and Elizabeth M. Harbison were co-authors.

Rising Phoenix
1997 HarperCollins
ISBN 0061012483

Kyle Mills ('88) makes his debut as a novelist with what best-selling author Tom Clancy calls "An explosive thriller that launches a new genius for taut, compulsive adventure writing ... ."

When a conspiracy decides to "solve" America's drug problem by poisoning the cocaine and heroin supply, Laura Vilechi, the head of the FBI narcotics division, and FBI maverick Mark Beamon race to stop the deadly plot despite what their superiors, closer to the White House, want to happen.

"I am proud of the fact that based on my recommendation my agent took Kyle's first novel on," Clancy says, "and I have been borne out by the fact that HarperCollins in short order recognized Kyle Mills' feat with a six-figure offer."

Kyle lives in Jackson Hole, Wyo., with his wife, Kim.

Catch a Wave

Ben Sproul ('89) and Steve Pauls ('90)

Past college memories fuel an ongoing dream for Ben Sproul ('89) and Steve Pauls ('90). They are riding the crest of success with The Pit - their self-styled surf hangout and cybercafe.

The Outer Banks Sentinel featured the two in an article last January as they were moving from their previous location in Nags Head, N.C., and preparing to reopen their 4-year-old business on the bypass in Kill Devil Hills.

At one time, as the name suggests, The Pit was primarily a surf shop. The name is what surfers call the "sweet spot," located near the base of a wave where the surfing is best. Today, The Pit offers a place for surfers, beach goers, locals and tourists to buy surf togs and sticks, hang out, play video games and pinball, lounge in the cafe with a muffin and coffee or other eats, access the Internet, and enjoy live entertainment.

It's "a big kid's hangout," Pauls says. Pauls and Sproul hope their business will continue to grow and become a big attraction for those surfing the waves - or surfing the 'Net.

"We'd like to be on the list of big places to see on the Outer Banks," Sproul says.

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