Paul Innella (’95)

Securing a career


As computers continue to become more challenging and necessary, so does the need for their security. That’s why Paul Innella (’95) de-cided to form his own information security company with some of his friends.
“We focused on the idea of information security, recognizing it as the next technological arena to truly take off,” says Innella, a computer science major and math minor.

In 2001, Innella (president and CEO) formed Tetrad Digital Integrity, which provides solutions to today’s most challenging security problems for numerous government and commercial clients.

Georgetown-based TDI is a small business with local and global partners. The company has done work in New York, London, Milan, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Harrisonburg according to Innella. TDI has provided security service for a number of organizations, including the U.S. departments of Education and Defense. Yet, Innella is hesitant to truly call himself successful. “I think that we have exceeded our best expectations thus far, but I know the road ahead is long and hard,” he says. “We make sure that we do only what we can, ensuring that our existing customers are happy.”

TDI has also formed an alliance of sorts with other security professionals around the world. The International Network of Information Security Professionals was established to “bring the many small information security firms and independent consultants together” to try to serve customers better.

A student spotlight piece in the honors program newsletter Honor News foreshadowed Inella’s career choice. “The [writers] asked me what I wanted to do after graduation, and I said that I wanted to start a business with my friends.”

With an increase of hacker attacks and security leaks, and since tragedies of Sept. 11, information security and assurance has become a hot topic. TDI’s mission is to create a safe network environment, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availa-bility of information within a computing infrastructure.

“The largest problem we’ve noted,” Innella says, “is a lack of properly staffed information security personnel. IS departments are understaffed — often with professionals whose backgrounds are not in security.”

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Story by Janelle DiOrio (’03)


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