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Fall 2002
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High Points
From budget shortfalls to enrollment to academic excellence to private giving, JMU President Linwood H. Rose chronicles some of the noteworthy achievements of last year.

Constitution Day
The spirit and character of James Madison mark the university’s celebration of Constitution Day 2002 with a symposium on the fourth president and the unveiling of a life-size Madison statue — a gift from the Bruce and Lois Forbes (’64) family.

Competitive Genes
Six JMU athletes share more than Dukesterhood. They’re also sports legacies.

Up and Coming
JMU is ready and willing to lead the biotech education wave in the commonwealth.

Readers’ letters to the editor make their debut in the magazine’s 22807 section.

You Can Say That Again
Professors, alumni and students in the news

Media arts and design professor Alexander Liedholt chronicles the life of the Pulitzer Prize-winning editor of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot.

A Day of Remembrance
Images of September 11, 2002, by students Matt Carasella (’03) and Casey Templeton (’06).


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