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Fall 2001 Issue

'Burn brightly against the darkness of this world'
If you would like to share your experiences with the rest of the JMU community go to <>.

Time to turn to the arts
President Rose announces his goal to build a spectacular arts complex that will match the professional quality of our faculty, students and alumni.

Blondes do have more fun
Screenwriter Karen McCullah Lutz ('88) revels in the success of last summer's blockbuster movie. Now she picks and chooses her projects and mingles with the Hollywood elite, like Reese Witherspoon, star of Legally Blonde.

This little light of mine
During a groundbreaking career of teaching other professors to teach lasers, chemistry professor Ben DeGraff lets it shine. His lasers and luminescent "molecular reporters" can determine the presence of designated chemicals in all kinds of environments, like smokestacks, watersheds and someday even the human body.

The quiet man
Amid the roar of fans and hype of success, forward Tim Lyle confidently charts his own course of moderation and academic excellence.

John Rose takes over Hootin' Holler
Snuffy, Loweezy and Jughaid recently welcomed John R. Rose ('86) to Hootin' Holler, where coonskin caps are still in style and the phrases "horsefeathers" and "heebie-jeebies" are part of the vernacular.

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