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 Montpelier Magazine


Stripes & Stars

2003 Legacy Group Productions, LLC

By Bob Bersson
Illustrated by Scott Trobaugh ('98)


  Professor emeritus of art Bob Bersson encourages children to "keep your crayons" through his American flag series, Stripes & Stars, an educational package created to help children to use their imaginations and explore their artistic talents. Bersson's alter ego, Professor Bob, and his pal, Chester the cat, are illustrated by Scott Trobaugh ('98), a graphic designer in JMU's university advancement division. The kit includes a hardcover children's book, a 12-minute classroom "meet the artist" video and a teaching guide with suggestions for educators and parents. The kit's focus on art appreciation, creativity and self-expression is geared toward children from kindergarten through third grade. Learn more at


Daily Life in the Age of Charlemagne

2002 Greenwood Publishing Group

By John J. Butt

ISBN: 0313316686


  History professor John J. Butt offers a portrait of life in Western Europe during the early Middle Ages (600-900 A.D.) and covers topics ranging from food, military life, monastic life and the intellectual life at court. The text describes life's ordinary difficulties during Charlemagne's time: Food supplies could be depleted quickly by one bad growing season; most people had no access to artificial lighting; and childbearing was extremely dangerous for both mother and child. The book details Charlemagne's life and impact on the world. Had he not built his empire and encouraged what became known as the Carolinian renaissance, much of the ancient Roman culture would have been lost, and Christianity may have died in the West. The professor has also published in the fields of Carolinian, British, naval and agricultural history.


3-D Human Modeling and Animation,
Second Edition

2003 John Wiley and Sons

By Peter Ratner

ISBN 0-471-21548-1


  The third book by 3D computer animation professor Peter Ratner contains all the tools and know-how needed to create digital characters that can move, express emotions and talk. Ratner discusses how to utilize artistic skills in figure drawing, painting and sculpture to create animated human figures using the latest computer technology. This resource includes more than 400 images, interactive files and animations on a CD-ROM insert that details the modeling and animation processes. Chapter objectives and exercises are tied to the CD, which also provides color example images, sample models, modeling templates, textures, lesson plans and relevant animation movies that help users get started modeling and animating. Ratner established JMU's computer animation program, the first such concentration in Virginia.