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Letters to the Editor

Records Rivalry

I followed JMU baseball 'Congratulations Diamond Dukes,' Summer 2002] as they headed to the NCAA Regional Tournament and thought that they might break the most-wins record, which the 1980-81 volleyball team had taken from baseball years ago. That record was 45 wins. So I believe the 1980-81 volleyball team still holds the school record for wins.

I brought my son to visit JMU when he was looking for a college. I was delighted when I picked up a volleyball media guide and saw the most wins record that our team had set in 1980. Unfortunately, the next media guide I received from volleyball had eliminated all of the records set during the AIAW years.

Women's athletics were not as popular then as they are now. We played because we loved the game and many times were ridiculed instead of supported as accomplished athletes and teams. However, because of our persistence, female athletes today receive the recognition and support that they need to excel in their chosen sport. Congratulations to the baseball team for a fine season. Maybe they will break the record next year.

Sharon Barr Spalding ('81)

Physical education professor

Mary Baldwin College

Staunton, Va.



I find the article about 'JMU's Favorite Monarchist' [history professor Lee Congdon, Fall 2002 issue] a masterpiece of writing about a masterperson.

Theodore Leach

Alexandria, Va.


A Remarkable Woman

JMU lost an exceptional staff person on Feb. 25, 2002. Nancy Wampler Carrier worked in dining services in a variety of capacities since 1981. I was fortunate to work with her from 1983 to 1987 as a student employee in the dining hall and in Dinner Theatre. She was a remarkable woman who touched the lives of many of us. She never coddled us, but she took care of us and instilled a work ethic that I cherish today. Nancy died of colon cancer at the age of 58. She will be sorely missed by many of us, and I know that many who knew her, loved and respected her and may not know that she is gone.

Lesley L. McPhatter ('86, '87M)

Madison Heights, Va.


Unbridled praise

I wanted to compliment the staff on the terrific job you've done in the last few years with the magazine. I've really enjoyed keeping up with JMU through you.

Kevin Coffey (Õ96)

Charlottesville, Va.



Thanks for the terrific article [ÒNothin' Soft About It,' Summer 2002] on our first softball season. We have heard so much positive response from everyone who has seen it.

Katie Flynn

JMU Head Softball Coach



Well, your latest issue [Fall 2002] was again superb or excellent, take your choice. I am always amazed over the number of stories and the inclusion of minorities in your editions. The layouts are simply marvelous. Great job.

James O. Wadley

Affirmative Action Officer

JMU Office of Affirmative Action


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