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Flora of North America North of Mexico
Volume 26, Magnoliophyta: Liliidae: Liliales and Orchidales
2002 Oxford University Press
Editor: Flora of North America Editorial Committee
Contributor: Norlyn L. Bodkin; ISBN 0-19-515208-5 (v. 26)

  A synoptic account of the plants of North America north of Mexico, the flora is considered to be the definitive source and will ultimately entail 30 volumes and the work of hundreds of scientists. With Volume No. 1 published in 1993, this encyclopedic effort is intended both as a means of identifying plants within the region and as a systematic conspectus of the North American flora. When complete it will cover ferns, gymnosperms, angiosperms and bryophytes. Norlyn Bodkin, professor emeritus of biology and founding Edith J. Carrier Arboretum director, and Frederick H. Utech contributed chapter 11 to volume 26. The chapter treats the genus Melanthium, or bunchflower, and its four recognized species, Melanthium virginicum, Melanthium latifolium, Melanthium parvi-florum and Melanthium woodii.


Academic Success Strategies for Adolescents
with Learning Disabilities and ADHD
2003 Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.
By Esther Minskoff and David Allsopp; ISBN: 1-55766-625-3

Special education professor Esther Minskoff co-wrote this book to help education professionals learn what they can do to help middle and high school students with mild learning disabilities expand their skills in reading, writing, mathematics, advanced thinking, organization, test taking, study skills and note taking. The book includes an assessment test to evaluate students' learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. Other chapters are devoted to common challenges that students face, step-by-step cognitive learning strategies to improve a student's performance and related case studies.

Getting a Grip on Your Money
2002 Intervarsity Press
By William C. Wood; ISBN: 0-83082-347-6

Economics professor William Wood says, "Handling personal finances doesn't require complicated budgets or technical spreadsheets, just common sense." His book offers practical advice for getting personal finances in order, help in reducing debt, tips on saving, and commonsense approaches to credit cards, insurance, mortgages and mutual funds. Ultimately, Wood reminds readers that money is not only for personal benefit. "Sharing one's finances creates opportunities for everyone to excel." Whether starting college, buying a home or approaching retirement, Wood shows readers how to make money work for them. Learn more at