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 Montpelier Magazine

Montpelier Spring 2003

The curtain rises

Within a few years, James Madison University students will be able to learn and perform in a splendid new facility for our theater and dance programs. Although funded in large part by a bond issue, private funding will be needed.

Over the long haul

Ed Estes' gift of $2.5 million, the largest in university history, sustains a JMU family heritage and will help build the future Dorothy Thomasson Estes Center for Theatre and Dance.

Happy 252nd

JMU celebrates the fourth president's birthday with the James Madison Day convocation and an intercollegiate student debate on civil rights and the Patriot Act.

Molding a founding father

According to James Madison, success began with Donald Robertson, the 18th-century teacher and schoolmaster in Colonial Virginia, by history professor Dorothy A. Boyd-Rush.


Sound artist Richard Chartier ('93) studies the interstices of silence, yet his minimalist aesthetic is creating some noise - at the Whitney Museum of American Art and around the world.

The course of water

It's three-fourths of our planet and two-thirds of our bodies. But while water is ubiquitous, it's not everywhere. JMU scientists investigate the impact humans have on that amorphous compound.

Every superhero has his sidekick

Batman has Robin. Butch has Sundance. Bugs has Daffy. Houston's giant Rocket, Yao Ming, has interpreter Colin Pine ('96), who's acquired a celebrity status all his own.

One final mission

World War II RAF pilot, English professor and Winston Churchill Finest Hour Award recipient Geoffrey Morley-Mower returns his squad leader's WWII diary to the author's family.

Further Pursuits

Letters, Professors You Love, research with solar panels, wrestling and running with the bulls, faculty books and a high-tech classroom comes into its own.

Madison Spirit

Bluestone Journal: pre-NCAA basketball, JMUWorks: Salem's music teachers, D.C. job fair, and intriguing alumni in publishing, in the air and dancing - oh, and fleece feet, too.