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"It is important for all scientists and engineers to have a practical understanding of mathematics and statistics. Computer scientists and engineers rely upon this understanding, whether their specialty is research, communications, software development, security, or any other part of computing. A good understanding of statistics is essential to dealing with the theories and processes as part of their every day work."
Dr. Grove, Computer Science Professor

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Scholarship Information

Graduation, May 2009

  • The Office of Admissions has a list of scholarships available to incoming JMU students in specific majors, including mathematics & statistics. These include the Dingledine Scholarship, Madison Achievement Scholarship and Second Century Scholarships. Information can be obtained through Admissions.
  • Information on the Mathematics & Statistics departments Foundation scholarship is here.
  • The ASA maintains a list of scholarships available to undergraduates at the following link.

Useful Information

  • Internship Opportunities: The ASA maintains a list of internship possibilities at the following link. Internships are a great way to obtain practical experience while an undergraduate.
  • Math & Science Learning Center: The learning center is available to all students in first year statistics courses who would like additional help. Hours and location can be found here.
  • SPSS Availability in JMU Labs: SPSS can be found in many of the JMU general labs. A list of labs with SPSS is maintained here.
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Award Winners

Outstanding Statistics Major - Mathematical Statistics Track: Jesse P. Jeter
Outstanding Statistics Major - Applied Statistics Track: Melinda F. Vergara
Outstanding Statistics Minor: Kristen L. Smith.
Outstanding Statistics Major - Mathematical Statistics Track: Brian Lee
Outstanding Statistics Major - Applied Statistics Track: Dallas Joder
Outstanding Statistics Minor: Nicole Giacopelli
Outstanding Statistics Minor: Robert Agler and Donna Melchione
Outstanding Statistics Major: Lauren Lindros
Outstanding Statistics Minor: Michael Livesey, Jr. and Alexa Romasco
Outstanding Statistics Major: Dustin Hevener
Outstanding Statistics Minor: Katharine Wheeler and William Christmas, III
Outstanding Statistics Major: Nicole Wood
Outstanding Statistics Minor: Emily Hailey
Outstanding Statistics Major - Applied Statistics Track: Stephanie Pearson
Outstanding Statistics Minor: Kimberly Dusebout
Outstanding Statistics Minor: Rebekah Jones
ASQ Award: Amanda Dowell
Outstanding Statistics Major - Mathematical Statistics Track: John Szarka
Outstanding Statistics Major: Ryan Charest
Statistics Award: Rachel Dobis
Statistics Award: Mary Lee

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May 2012
Major: Jesse Jeter, Steven Russell, Melinda Vergara, Steven Wolf Jr.
Minor: Travis Andrus, Michael Beaman, Hon Lee, Christopher Norman, Zachary Robinson, Kimberly Rohrs, Lauren Scofield, Aubrey Smiley, Kristen Smith, Andrew Swinson, Xin Yang.
Dec 2011
Major: Colleen Brookfield.
Minor: Derek Burgess.
May 2011
Major: Dallas Joder, Brian Lee, Kathryn Smith, Justin Vingelis.
Minor: Rafael Allen, Shane Boyd, Nicole Giacopelli, Noora Hamdan, Ian Hare, Faraidoon Shariq, Eric Watson, Brittany Webb.
May 2010
Major: Michelle Chen, Tyler Horn.
Minor: Victoria Adubofour, Robert Agler, Ashley Barbee, Kelly Bonnez, Theresa Clark, Kristin Davidoff, Heather Davis, Jerusha Gerstner, Natalie Lucas, Christina Ludlow, Donna Melchione, Benjamin Moore, Andrew Nelson, Daniel Plasters, Brittany Randall, Rebecca Vescera.
May 2009
Major: Margaret Beckom, Erik Ellestad, Lynn Grubb, Karl Harris, Toree Hassell, Lauren Lindros, Jefferson Livermon III.
Minor: Kurt Austin, Katherine Eaton, Christopher Frazier, Caitlin Howard, Jacquelin Jackson, Daniel Jurich, Michael Livesey Jr., Eric Miner, Alexa Romasco, Jennifer Sherman, Jocelyn Simon, Michael Zweifel.
May 2008
Major: Andrew Chang, Natasha Druetto
Minor: Nicole Capik, William Christmas III, Julianne Coxe, Victoria Ellison, Sarah Hanks, John LoCicero, Kathryn McAbee, Isabel Perry, Melissa Rivers, Colleen Storey, Christina Waters, Katharine Wheeler.
Dec 2007
Major: Dustin Hevener, Joshua Levy
Aug 2007
Minor: Thomas Martin
May 2007
Major: Nicole Wood
Minor: Laura Beichert, Robert Burns, Jennifer Charles, Cassandra Class, Melynda Cotten, Christina Debacco, Emily Hailey, Lizbeth Keller, Brandon Taube, Michelle Valkavitch
Dec 2006
Major:Jocelyn Peterson
May 2006
Major: Kyle Bradford, MaiLinh Nguyen, Mehrnaz Owyar-Hosseini, Stephanie Pearson, John Szarka III
Minor: Kimberley Dusebout, Justin Garcia, Michael Keating, Bryan Otto, Tiffany Weaver, Rebecca Wilde
Dec 2005
Major: Andrew Domazos
Minor: Delaney Blom
May 2005
Major: Sara Bertrand, Ryan Charest
Minor: Carolyn Armstrong, Roxanne Bayan, Laura Brobst, Ashley Cook, Jennifer Costanzo, Elizabeth Davies, Frank Esteve, Kelley Harris, Rebekah Jones, Margaret Keller, Lindsay Loewer, Rebecca Pearce
Dec 2004
Minor: Erin Pitts, Melissa Shulleeta, Erin Webber
May 2004
Major: Rachel Dobis, Jonathan Liles
Minor: Amanda Buckley, Lisa Ha, Mary Huntsberry, Tracey Magda, Shannon Willison, Sherry Kausch, Odyssey Lopez, Shannon Mabry
Dec 2003
Major: Katherine Crooke, Danielle Calloway, Lisa Pearce
Minor: Amy Mattingly