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Why Statistics?

Statistics is used in almost any discipline including secondary education, biology, health sciences, engineering, computer science and pharmacology. As a result the demand for statisticians is high and the choices available to statisticians are diverse. If you are considering a statistics minor or major alongside a major in another discipline, the quotes from JMU Professors included on our various pages may help convince you.

The Career Center at the American Statistical Association is a great resource for those wondering about training, careers and the roles that statisticians play in industry, government and education. The ASA produces a great brochure (HTML) that discusses the fields that employ statisticians, the job characteristics, how to become a statistician and biographies of famous statisticians (such as Florence Nightingale). The important thing to notice is that you enhance your attractiveness to employers in a multitude of disciplines by adding a statistics minor or major!. The US Department of Labor's outlook for statisticians gives general information on the projected job availability and quality of life factors. The job titles given to statisticians vary so check out the related occupations.

What Degree Programs Do We Offer?

Minor in Statistics

The minor in statistics is open to any student not majoring in mathematics or statistics. The minor can be obtained by completing one of two options: Option 2 requires completion of two calculus courses, Option 1 has no calculus requirement. More information on minoring in Statistics can be found in the Program Information link.

Major in Statistics

The major in statistics meets the needs of both the public and the private sectors for graduates with degrees in statistics. The program provides a balance of applications and theory. More information on the major in Statistics can be found in the Program Information link.

History of the JMU Statistics Program

The first statistics program was a concentration for mathematics majors offered in the 1976-77 academic year. A minor in statistics, open to mathematics and non-mathematics majors, followed a few years later in the 1980-81 year. The Mathematics Department became the Mathematics and Statistics Department in the fall of 2000. The major program was approved by the JMU Board of Visitors in January, 2003, with the major officially being offered in the 2003 - 2004 academic year. The first students with statistics majors graduated in December, 2003.