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Madison Forever Vision Fund

With all the uncertainty in the world — waste, war, hunger, corruption, lack of civility — it's hard to imagine

Madison Vision Series
Introducing the Madison Vision Series: Contemporary Issues in an Engaged Society

Thanks to gifts to the Madison Forever Vision Fund, The Madison Vision Series: Contemporary Issues in an Engaged Society is bringing prominent speakers, thinkers and leaders to JMU as a means to help our students and the greater JMU community gain some mastery of the current civic landscape.

A statue of James Madison overlooks campus as the sun sets.

In this video, President Alger thanks donors for their support in making exciting initiatives like this possible.


The Engaged University will help change those realities — create, heal, build, educate, discover, lead and breathe life into ideas, dreams and hopes.


Join President Jonathan R. Alger and create a new model for higher education. One that thrives on asking the right questions. And uncovering the right answers. That is the essence of Madison. With your help, we can bridge the gap to a brighter future.


Gifts to the Madison Forever Vision Fund are the critical element to JMU becoming the national model for higher education. Your gift will be used for

  • seed money for new program development,
  • resources for retaining exceptional talent,
  • funds for strategic partnerships,
  • and important support for many big dreams in Madison's future.

Join with President Alger to see that today’s big dreams become tomorrow’s realities.

Make your gift to the Madison Forever Vision Fund today.