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Thank you for opening doors for Madison students through your contribution to Madison Forever.


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    Pursuing their passions

    Donations to Madison For Keeps helped Mandy Stowe graduate. Now she's Being the Change in her community of Danville.

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    Madison Forever Day

    President Rose and JMU students celebrate Madison traditions and raise awareness for Madison Forever on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

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    We Are Madison

    JMU students have the drive, talent, and knowledge to Be the Change...they just need those last few dollars to graduate.

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    Help a Duke stay a Duke

    What if you didn't get a chance to complete your time at Madison? Unfortunately there are JMU students facing this very issue due to unexpected financial need. In this video, President Rose challenges us to do something about it.

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    'Uncle Ron' Visits the Call Center

    JMU President Emeritus Ronald Carrier visited the telefund center to speak with student callers, get on the phone with donors, and record a special Madison Forever appeal for Dukes who graduated during his presidency.

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  6. JMU President Linwood H. Rose and President Emeritus Ronald Carrier

    Help them get here

    JMU President Linwood H. Rose and President Emeritus Ronald Carrier have presided over four decades of commencements. But to students facing unexpected financial difficulty, only one commencement matters: their own.

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  7. JMU President Linwood H. Rose

    Arm them with an education

    JMU President Linwood H. Rose issues a challenge to donors.

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