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by Brad Barnett, senior associate director, Office of Financial Aid

The dilemma

A parent loses his job.

A parent comes down with an illness that requires unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses.

There was a day when our financial aid office had a pool of funds to help cover these one-time emergency requests. That day no longer exists. And because of that, some students will be forced to leave JMU. It breaks my heart when I can't help. But with your assistance, Madison Forever can bring that day back.

How financial aid works

JMU students need your help

Our office receives hundreds of letters every year from parents and students telling us how their financial situation is not the same as what is represented on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. When possible, we try to adjust the FASFA to reflect what is really going on the lives of these families to create more aid eligibility, but sometimes there is only so much we can do within the constraints of the form.

You have helped before

Madison for Keeps was implemented on an emergency basis in 2009-10 for this reason. Thanks to your help, it worked. It raised more than $437,000 and saved the academic lives of 107 JMU students.

Help a Duke stay a Duke

Madison Forever is not a renewable or permanent scholarship. It is not for prospective students. When life throws a JMU family member an unexpected curveball, Madison Forever has the potential to help a Duke stay a Duke.

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