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Madison Forever Day 2011

Help make giving to students in need an annual tradition

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Madison Forever Day marked the beginning of a new tradition on the campus of James Madison University. On November 30, volunteers from the SGA, Student Ambassadors, and members of the JMU faculty and staff handed out free T-shirts to individuals who were observed holding the door open for others, symbolizing how a Madison education helps hold open the door of opportunity in students' lives.

Among the volunteers handing out T-shirts were President Linwood H. Rose and President Emeritus Ronald Carrier. The university's fifth and fourth presidents respectively, Drs. Rose and Carrier have been leaders in the call for support of Madison Forever.

More than $2,000 in donations were made to Madison Forever on November 30 in denominations ranging from $5 to $1,000. As of December 1, collective donations to Madison Forever totaled more than $175,000 — enough to help approximately 45 students based on past average need.

No matter the amount, every gift makes a difference. Please give today.

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