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Virgin Galaktotrophousa,

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Virgin Galaktotrophousa

Virgin Galaktotrophousa, engraved copper plate, Gabriel of Skopelos, Mount Athos, 1871.

This icon features a bust portrait of Mary tenderly holding the Christ Child in her arms while receiving a pinnacled crown from the two angels pictured above in the panel’s two corners. In Mary’s embrace, the child suckles at her right exposed breast as he grasps the hem of her veil. Greek inscriptions at the top of the panel and beside Christ identify the figures and label this as the miracle-working image of the “Mother of God, she who nourishes with milk.” The composition is enlivened by the rich folds of the figures’ brocaded garments, and a rich diaper pattern filling the background. A second, longer inscription in Greek and Slavonic traces the image’s rectangular frame, recording a prayer to the Virgin and at the bottom of the panel a smaller, cursive inscription documents the artist’s name, as well as a date and the site of production.

Question: Tell me about the cult of the Virgin Mary?

Answer: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/virg/hd_virg.htm