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Venus and Adonis, The Story

Venus and Adonis

“Venus and Adonis,” (after Titian, or his brother Orazio Vecellio), engraving,
Sir Robert Strange, Naples, 1762-79.

The tale of the goddess Venus and Adonis was told by the Roman author Ovid in his Metamorphoses. His tenth book recounts how Venus took her first mortal lover Adonis. Venus is embracing Adonis before he departs for the hunt with his two dogs. She is trying to hold Adonis back in order to save his life. Adonis breaks from her grasp, anxious to let loose his dogs and pursue his quarry in the hunt. Meanwhile Cupid is cuddling a turtle dove in the forest, while his bow and arrows are put aside in the tree. It was his arrow that caused Venus to fall in love with the handsome young Adonis, but he is unconcerned about the tragedy of these mis-matched lovers.

Question: What’s the whole myth of Venus and Adonis?

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