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Andy Warhol,

Ages 14 and 16

Andy Warhol Age 14Andy Warhol Age 16

Andy Warhol, Ages 14 and 16

Gift of Charles Lisanby

These two photographs, which depict Andy Warhol at ages fourteen and sixteen, are very rare. In fact, the only other known copies reside in the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. Thus, that he gifted them to Charles is an indication of the deep love and respect that Andy felt towards him. Charles remembers first seeing Andy at a party thrown by Bill Cecil in late 1955. Andy was slouched in the corner looking terribly shy and despondent, so Charles approached and offered to help him socialize. The two continued conversing throughout the night and ended up leaving the party at the same time. Faced with a particularly rainy night, Charles and Andy waited for their taxi under the awning of a taxidermy shop where Charles pointed out a stuffed peacock that he admired in the window. The next day the same peacock was delivered to Charles’ door with a note from Andy. It was to be the first of many gifts—including these two photographs— from the artist during their close relationship over the next ten years.