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Keys to Florence, Italy,

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Dr. Rose recieving the keys to Florence, Italy

Keys to the City of Florence (replica), Florence, 2009.

Porta Romana is located in the Oltrarno quarter at the end of Via Romana, which leads out of the city center in a southerly direction, continuing to the old Roman Via Cassia (now the modern “A1”) that leads south to Rome. Porta Romana was part of the fifth circle of the walls which enclosed the other side of the Arno. Five other Medieval gates, as well as a few stretches of the original walls, are preserved in the Oltrarno section of Florence. The highest extant gate is the Porta San Niccolo, which leads up towards Piazzale Michelangelo. In 1998 a section of the wall between the gate of Porta Romana and Piazza Tasso was restored and opened to visitors. Construction of the city walls was a major urban public works project, essential to the protection of the town.

Question: Where can I see a Panoramic image of Porta Romana from Google Earth

   Answer: http://www.panoramicearth.com/5388/Florence/Porta_Romana_and_Piazzale