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Keys to Florence, Italy,

Behind the Scenes

Dr. Rose recieving the keys to Florence, Italy

Keys to the City of Florence (replica), Florence, 2009.

The Artisans

The city walls were built by anonymous stonemasons under orders from the Florentine Comune. This replica of the keys to the city of Florence was produced by contemporary Florentine silversmiths. Stonemasons belonged to one of the lower guilds, whose patron saints were the four Roman sculptors who were beheaded by the Romans for their Christian beliefs.

 Question: What is the history of the walls?

 Answer: http://www.firenze-oltrarno.net/english/arte/mura.php

The Researcher

Dr. Kathleen G. Arthur is Professor of Art History emerita and Curator of the Medieval and Renaissance art of the Madison Art Collection. She has researched the keys as part of the curatorial work of preparing the “Unlocking Italy” exhibition.