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Juno Regina, How It Works

Juno Regina

Juno Regina, Roman Imperial Period, marble, 200 CE

This statue of Juno Regina is a pastiche, or a combination of other sculptures combined to form a whole.  This becomes apparent upon close inspection of the raised right arm of the statue as well as the base of the neck.  The proportions of the arm, the more shallow folds of the clothing, as well as the slightly greyer color of the marble, indicate that this was from an entirely different statue.  The head is slightly smaller than the proportions of the body and is carved in a softer style, also indicating that it is from another work.  Regardless, the stance and voluminous drapery of the main body of the statue indicate that it originally was of Juno Regina.

Question: Where can I see a comparable statue of Juno Regina?

Answer: http://www.ancientsites.com/aw/Places/Property/896307