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Diana the Huntress, The Story

Diana the Huntress

“Diana the Huntress,” (after Domenichino), Anonymous Italian Baroque artist, oil on canvas, c. 1675-1750.

Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon, chastity, and hunting, appears as if departing for the hunt, carrying her bow and arrows, and accompanied by her faithful dog. Since the artist did not title his artwork, it was known provisionally as “Diana After the Hunt.” This is a misnomer because when Diana is shown after the hunt, she is surrounded by dead animals and nymphs are beginning to celebrate her successful sport. Her cloak is flying out behind her, as if she is running through the forest to the hunt. Since she is shown as a single figure, this also could be a portrait of a lady in the role of Diana. In eighteenth century France and England, women posed “as Diana” in order to associate themselves with her divine beauty, chastity and virtuosity.

Question: Tell me the whole story of the goddess Diana or Artemis as she was called in Greece?

Answer: http://www.greek-gods-and-goddesses.com/roman-goddess-diana.html and