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The Creation of Eve,

 Temptation, and the Expulsion

Creation of Eve, Temptation, and Expulsion

“The Creation of Eve, Temptation, and the Expulsion” (after Raphael) from the Vatican Loggia of Leo X, engraving, Francesco Villamena, Rome, c. 1600.

These prints derive from frescoes known as “Raphael’s Bible,” which were painted in the 1520s in the Vatican. Raphael was influenced by Michelangelo’s contemporary Genesis cycle in the Sistine Chapel.  However, he also offered a narrative critique of Michelangelo’s Temptation by having Eve assume a more dominant role in their downfall.  Francesco Villamena (1564-1624) was the third engraver of a set of prints from the scenes, which were popular in seventeenth century Italy as the new “Biblia Pauperum,” or Poorman’s Bible.

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