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Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton

Thornrose Cemetery, Gatehouse

Thornrose Cemetery, Gatehouse

Thornrose Cemetary, McCormack Tomb

Thornrose Cemetary, Effinger Family Tomb

Designed by Staunton architect T.J. Collins between the years 1895-1900, the gatehouse and monuments present an eclectic mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles. The main entrance is constructed of rough-cut rusticated blocks, with a round-arched entrance surmounted by a square tower with a triple lancet window design. A footbridge and tower extends over the primary path of the cemetery, not far from the entrance gate.

Collins was known for mixing different architectural styles, which explains the round turret at one end of the bridge. One of the family mausoleums that Collins built in the early 1900’s displays typical Gothic features: a recessed arched portal with multiple moldings, the pointed arches, buttresses on the corners, as well as mock spires sitting atop the buttresses. During the Victorian Age, the Gothic style was often used for funerary structures, due to its association with Romanticism, and especially with religion.

Brianna Speacht