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(Stonewall Jackson Headquarters),


Altavista (Stonewall Jackson Headquarters), Winchester

Altavista, more commonly known as Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s Headquarters, is a typical Antebellum “Picturesque” villa dating from 1854 in Winchester. Built in the Gothic Revival style associated with A. J. Davis and Andrew J. Downing and in the Hudson River Valley, it was formerly situated atop a five-acre hilltop.

The design was likely based on a pattern for a “rural Gothic cottage.” These homes were both pleasing to the eye and utilitarian, which attracted a rural clientele. The house was built for a Dr. William Fuller who sold it to Lewis T. Moore, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Virginia Militia, who volunteered his home as lodging for Jackson.

There are evident changes to the original south façade. Before remodeling, it was simple, neat, and entirely symmetrical. Small balconies, once beneath the windows on either side of the entrance porch, as well as the entrance porch have been lost or relocated.  The central window on the upper story remains with its original verge board decorative design.

Taylor Rash