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Prism Galleries are open during normal building hours.

Prism Gallery: Located in the lower level of the Festival Conference and Student Center, Prism gallery is dedicated to exhibiting works emphasizing aspects of diversity, including areas of culture, religion, gender and sexuality. 

Prism International Gallery: Located in the upper level of the Festival Conference and Student Center, Prism International gallery is dedicated to exhibiting works the expore global culture.

On Exhibit in Prism Gallery: 

Hands & Footnotes, A Personal View From Italy 
16 July 2014 - 12 September 2014


If you take note of how people move, communicate, create, and relate to each other and to the world around them, what do you discover:  hands and feet are the pivotal dimension!  And so it goes, no matter what culture, no matter what time frame you consider through history or through individual lifespans.

As a singer I have followed for decades the interpretive and expressive hands of choral conductors.  Their hands become the unifying force in performance.   As a photographer I remember feeling captivated when I photographed my Italian cousin Adriana caressing her granddaughter Ludovica nestled in her pink and white striped pajamas: Adriana embracing Ludovica’s tiny hands and feet with hands six decades older that bore wisdom and wear.  And how blessed I felt then and continue to feel in Italy experiencing multiple generations of family members embracing each other in a culture where family and proximity of family are still cherished.

My motivation in this exhibit is to share connection:  connection of family, groups or individuals with the surrounding cultural life in Italy and with a focus on hands and feet:  a glimpse of evolutionary cycles, religion, fashion, food, hands at work and play, hands in techno-communication, or Italians making a point the old fashioned way and with amazing dexterity.

And I have juxtaposed a touch of the inanimate with the animate.  You could say: “It’s my way of making a point”!

So as you walk through this exhibit perhaps you will discover some personal footnotes that may enhance the text of your experience: creating new ways to embrace the life that extends from your hands into the hands of those around you.

I welcome your observations and comments.

Linda J. Blazer, Photographer

All images and text are the property of Linda J. Blazer and may not be reproduced without permission.

On Exhibit in Prism International Gallery:

Borders and Boundaries