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Prism Galleries are open during normal building hours.

Prism Gallery: Located in the lower level of the Festival Conference and Student Center, Prism gallery is dedicated to exhibiting works emphasizing aspects of diversity, including areas of culture, religion, gender and sexuality. 

Prism International Gallery: Located in the upper level of the Festival Conference and Student Center, Prism International gallery is dedicated to exhibiting works that expore global culture.

On Exhibit in Prism Gallery:

Harmonious Suspension: The Art of Jeffrey Thelin
Exhibit Dates: 11/5/14 - 1/30/15
Opening: 11/5/14 at 6:30 pm

I consider myself to be a "Mobile Artist," meaning I do all of my artwork on my iPhone. I always start with an image I have taken, using my iPhone. I then edit, transform, and add to the image until it reaches completion. The entire process is incredibly inspiring; what many people think is only possible on a computer, I can do with a device that fits in my pocket. I love the mobility because my art never has to stop. I don’t have to wait to add this or that until I get home, I can work while I am waiting in line, or I'm on the bus: my art is always right on the edge of my fingertips.

The images used in my exhibition represent my current style and aspirations in this field of art. I'm exploring the idea of visually induced peace and harmony. I believe that if people tried to view art the way they hear music, they would have a more enjoyable experience. Most people don’t ask what Beethoven's 9th Symphony means after they hear it; they simply appreciate pieces of its structure, such as its melody, rhythm, and chords.

 Art is full of the same elements. I encourage you to view my pieces as a visual experience, and try to find elements of harmony, emotion, rhythm, and balance.

Office of International Program's "Picture Ireland"
Curated by Ms. Melanie Brimhall
Exhibit Dates: 2/9/15 - 2/27/15

Office of International Programs Opening: 2/13/15 3:00pm
Join us to celebreate this exhibit of student photography from the five study abroad programs in Ireland from the summer of 2014, four in the Republic of Ireland and one in Northern Ireland. 


Drawing Peace: International Children's Art Contest Winners
Curated by the Gandhi Center
Exhibit Dates: 4/13/15 - 5/1/15

International Dogs II
Curated by Ms. Judy Cohen
Exhibit Dates: 5/15/15 - 9/15/15

On Exhibit in Prism International Gallery:

One World, Many Stories